Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bieber Fever is Alive and Well

Stratford Ontario has become famous in a new generation. Not for the long standing and world renowned Shakespeare Festival, but as the home of the teen heart throb Justin Bieber. I love the thought that not so long ago Justin was just another local teen performing on the steps of the local theatre and look at him now. The local tourism association has had over 9,000 visits to the Justin Bieber map and has handed out over 1000 printed versions!

We too have seen the effect of "Bieber Fever."
A few days ago I received the following e-mail.

"hello, good night...
i seeing your room, and i feel interesting..... btw, its available a set a house, or just a room?... *thanks.. "

I was curious about the message so I replied;
"Thank you for your interest. At our B&B we rent out bedroom suites, but with that you do get to use parts of the house and grounds. If you would like to book please let us know."

This was the response I received;
"ouwh, yeah its so nice thankyou... :) :) and, yeah, its must be so great..., i like it soo much... :) btw, i live in Indonesia (asian)... sorry for bothering and ask alot... but, im sorry i cant rent it for now, cz im still 15 yrs old...
i just soo interesting with your place, when i take a look about Stratford Ontario.....
At first i just wanna see Justin Bieber's place, cz im a Huge Fan of Justin Bieber.. :))

thanks again.. :) i hope i can take a rent in your place soon with Justin Bieber. ;) jk,... :) :)"

I guess the old saying that any press is good press would apply to this interaction. Thank you Justin for exposing us to a new market.

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