Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Locals Know - Winter's Tale

Winter's Tale is yet another success in what is proving to be a wonderful season. This production delivers a very well told story that is easy to follow, even for non-shakespeare followers.

The staging of this production is simple but effective, and the costuming is lovely. It has a well rounded out cast of characters that worked together to tell this lovely tale There are fantastic performances by a multiple characters. To name just a few, Seana McKenna has a strong stage presence about her in this role, and brings an energy and commitment that is often hard to find. As well, Yanna McIntosh captured the grace and style of Queen Mermione.

Once again the director has captured the comedic moments and managed to find the musicality in Shakespeare's words. Even the bear managed to make many audience members jump.
Simply put It is nice to see that Shakespeare can be performed traditionally and still be pertinent and current. Instilling intrigue and true emotion.

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